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We all love to win free online competitions, we love to win and we love to win big!!

Let’s face it, we all love something for nothing, on this site we are going to show you how with very little effort you can win cash prizes, win a car, win a holiday, all in online competitions. Perhaps you have a specialist hobby, such as art or photography? Photography competitions and art competitions can be open to amateurs and there are great prizes to be won.

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Comping to Win a Car or a Holiday

Comping refers to entering dozens and dozens of UK competitions on a daily basis, the odds then work in your favour, the more you enter, the more chance you have of winning. By being selective over which competitions you choose you could win a car, an ipad, win a holiday and even hard cash. There are people doing this as a full time job entering hundreds of competitions a week and it does pay off.
Often all entering involves is filling in an online form or sending a postcard, sometimes answering a simple question or tie-breaker.

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Free Competitions. Winning should always be free.

Never pay to enter an online competition. If you like browsing through competition sites, stick to ones which offer free entry like This is a great little site which gives away £20 every day at noon to one of the postcodes on their list. There’s no catch; the only downside is that you have to check each day to see if your number has come up. This increases the site’s traffic which helps them get advertising on it. So if you can be bothered to keep checking the site you could win at least £20 – or £100s if it keeps rolling over!

Don’t be put off by the big ticket items like cars and holidays – remember, fewer people enter these competitions believing the odds of winning are slimmer, which in turn means you stand a greater chance of winning.

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Slogan Competitions

Think you’ve got a bit of creative genius in you? Slogan competitions are terrific for the keen comper who’s ready and willing to put in a little more effort than simply typing in an email address or sending back a postcard.
Companies love to use slogan competitions as a way to market their products at low costs and encourage consumers to think positively about what they’re selling. With most slogan competitions, the sponsor company will begin by having you answer a few simple questions to determine whether or not you’re fit for the task. You may be asked to complete some part of a phrase in an ‘apt and original’ manner.
Once again, because so few people make an effort to enter, slogan competitions are a dream for the avid comper who really wants to win.
Remember – the more obscure or difficult the competition, the fewer the entrants and the better chance you have of winning.

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